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Proof that CoVID Vaccine Ain’t No Placebo

My body had responded even though I didn’t feel any reactions at all

Long time no write, you guys! The last year or so was definitely the strangest and most challenging year in many people’s lives, myself included. But for some reason, I found it difficult to write about anything. That is until today when my friend Vera shared with me her Health Metrics Dashboard (HMD) on her Fitbit app where she easily correlated her reactions to her Pfizer vaccine. That got me super excited and I rushed to check my own Fitbit app.

You see, on Saturday, April 3, I received my first dose of the Pfizer CoVID-19 vaccine at a local CVS store in Half Moon Bay, CA. Funny thing is that I had no reactions whatsoever. Nothing on the day. No feelings on the following day, either. Majority of my friends including Vera felt the so-called protein spikes with symptoms of mild fever, body aches, and fatigue. I on the other hand felt nothing.

While it’s true that I didn’t feel anything, my Fitbit is telling me that my body reacted just the same. My resting heart rate (RHR) graph showed that my RHR spiked the day after I took the vaccine. In fact it broke out of my 30-day personal range. The same was true with my breathing rate (BR) which also exceeded my 30-day personal range. The third telling metric, my heart rate variability (HRV), dropped precipitously the following day to the bottom of my 30-day personal range as well. These three health metrics on my HMD behaved in similar manner as suggested by an early CoVID-19 detection study by Fitbit Research. But unlike in the study, my metrics returned to normal after two days since I wasn’t really sick. That makes perfect sense!

Q.E.D. 🙂


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