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All You Can Eat is a Lie!!

Telling customers at your buffet restaurant not to waste food is bad enough.  Guilting them with social injustice is just tasteless (pun intended!)  😀  I mean people come to an all-you-can-eat restaurant to enjoy the over-abundance of food.  It’s a waste of food even if your customers manage to stuff all twenty tempura soft-shell crabs in their faces when only one would normally do.  By definition, all you can eat is wasting food.  So don’t open an all-you-can-eat restaurant if you can’t afford to waste!  That’s both hypocritical and crazy!

But you know what’s crazier?  The people who enjoy eating at buffet restaurants!  Believe me.  They are insane!  And there are a lot of them out there.  Why do people always seem to eat more than they normally would just because they are in a buffet restaurant?  Well, there are three primary reasons, all of them myths.  Let me tell ya!

  1. You have to get your money’s worth at a buffet.  That’s just delusional.  I submit to you that no matter how much you eat, you won’t make your money’s worth.  That’s because you don’t know the true costs of things.  Believe me when I say this: food is cheap!  The only thing cheaper than food is buffet food.  Yes, buffet food is even cheaper than regular food.  😀  True story!
  2. You can’t waste any food because there is a food shortage in many parts of the world.  If food shortage is your main concern and sole reason why you feel compelled to gulp down the small mountain of cocktail shrimps you brought back to your table, oh boy, you need help!  By the same crooked logic, you should jog to work everyday, farm your own vegetables and raise your own chickens in your own backyard, and barter your baby bakchoy and fresh eggs for your neighbors’ goat milk.  Yeah, that’s right.  Toss your iPads and head back to the real FarmVille.  The best way to be considerate is to eat responsibly and stop going to buffet restaurants, you morons!
  3. You want what that other guy has in his plate.  One common saying I hear over and over again in buffet restaurants — “oooooh, I didn’t know they had that, I’m gonna go back in line to get it!”  One word of advice: NO!  Just say no.  No, I don’t want to have what everybody else is eating.  No, I don’t have to sample everything in the menu.  No, I don’t want to have one omelet with cheese and one omelet without.  No, no, no, no.  NO!