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Terrible Souvenir for Korean Guys

That’s 75% of all Korean dramas right there!

If you pay attention to the third tea mug from the right in the front row at the top, it says “不要迷恋姐 姐夫会揍你” which translates roughly to “don’t fall in love with your own sister because your brother-in-law will beat the crap out of you”. Well. First of all, this statement is so obvious to me that it is just the sort of thing that I don’t expect anybody would need a reminder for. Which begs the question of its very existence. Then I remember my recent favorite K-drama Bad Boy in which the main character falls in love with his very own sister who is freaking freaking freaking hot! Perhaps this is communist China’s way of making fun of the democratic South Korean men who are so very cursed with beautiful beautiful beautiful sisters. Perhaps not. But either way, don’t get this tea mug for your Korean friends or they shall be your friends no more.

This blog post concludes the trio of photos I took of this awesome store “火柴天堂” aka “Heaven of Matches” in Qi Bao, Shanghai, China.  Here are the first post and the second post of the trilogy.  Thanks for reading.


내게찾아온 – Naege Chajaon

Bad Boy

나쁜 남자

Okay, check out the following list of spices.

  1. True LOVE
  2. Heinous CRIME
  3. Mysterious DEATH
  4. Dysfunctional FAMILY
  5. Unspeakable SECRET
  6. Gut-wrenching BETRAYAL
  7. Out-of-this-world FRIENDSHIP
  8. Classic struggles in RICH vs POOR
  9. Mind-bogglingly complex REVENGE
  10. Falling in love with YOUR OWN SISTER
  11. Did I mention your sisters are all HOT CHICKS?
  12. Beautifully composed and masterfully performed MUSIC
  13. Last but not least, the world’s most fantastic TIME TRAVELING

Your life will not be dull if it contains just a handful of the above ingredients.  And the 2010 Korean TV drama series Bad Boy (aka “나쁜 남자”) has all but one of the above elements.  In other words, Bad Boy kicks butt!  It’s quite possibly the finest K-drama I have ever had the pleasure of viewing.  You can watch it free on hulu here.

With a show like this, who needs to time travel?  😀