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Cold War (A Poem)

Are you listening to me!?

Are you happy or are you sad?
Are you tired or are you mad?
Why didn’t you sleep well?
I couldn’t tell

Where were you this morning?
We’re constantly out of sync
You have stopped moving
I don’t know what to think

Did you like my gifts?
My pictures, my letters?
Silence is golden
But words feel better

I took this photo in Qi Bao, Shanghai. I’m not sure if the couple were actually having a fight but that’s the interpretation I’m going to stick with and hence this poem.



With thousands of years of history, modern China presents many situations of contrast for the photographer in me. Please enjoy three of my recent photos from Shanghai.

Modern vs. Rustic

Within the shadows of the rising skyscrapers in Shanghai, you can still find a few roosters here and there oblivious to the incredible economic boom that has been happening all over China.

History vs. Trend

Claudia Schiffer or inner peace? How about both? In Shanghai you can go from a bustling modern shopping mall to a serene thousand-year-old temple just by crossing the street.

West vs. East

The top five best selling books inside the Great Walmart of China are an eclectic mix of Western and Chinese classics and modern writings.

    1. Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson (translated)
    2. Sam Walton: Made In America by Sam Walton and John Huey (translated)
    3. Confidence and Hope: Interviews with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao edited by Xinhua News Agency
    4. Journey to the West by Wu Chengen; Meditations by Marcus Aurelius Antonius (translated); Oráculo Manual y Arte de Prudencia by Baltasar Gracián (translated)
    5. Extraordinary Popular Delusions and The Madness of Crowds by Charles MacKay (translated)

Terrible Souvenir for Korean Guys

That’s 75% of all Korean dramas right there!

If you pay attention to the third tea mug from the right in the front row at the top, it says “不要迷恋姐 姐夫会揍你” which translates roughly to “don’t fall in love with your own sister because your brother-in-law will beat the crap out of you”. Well. First of all, this statement is so obvious to me that it is just the sort of thing that I don’t expect anybody would need a reminder for. Which begs the question of its very existence. Then I remember my recent favorite K-drama Bad Boy in which the main character falls in love with his very own sister who is freaking freaking freaking hot! Perhaps this is communist China’s way of making fun of the democratic South Korean men who are so very cursed with beautiful beautiful beautiful sisters. Perhaps not. But either way, don’t get this tea mug for your Korean friends or they shall be your friends no more.

This blog post concludes the trio of photos I took of this awesome store “火柴天堂” aka “Heaven of Matches” in Qi Bao, Shanghai, China.  Here are the first post and the second post of the trilogy.  Thanks for reading.

Impossible is Nothing says Bin Laden

A new Adidas spokesperson?

Okay, since when did Osama join the likes of David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Tracey McGrady, Kevin Garnett, etc. in Adidas’s “Impossible is Nothing” advertising campaign? LOL! (If you are confused, click on the image to get the original so you can see what Bin Laden says.)

I saw these awesome cigarette cases in the same “Heaven of Matches” store that I mentioned in my previous blog post as well as my next one. Too bad I don’t smoke. Otherwise, I would have bought a few of these. I probably should have!  But they are a little pricey at 35 rmb (about $6 USD) a piece.  🙂

Forbidden Acts in a Chinese Public Restroom

Modern China has arrived!

I simply couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that face towel hanging from the ceiling of this fascinating store during my recent trip to Shanghai, China. I had to take a picture of it immediately so I can share it with everybody on my blog later. (Okay, you’re right. Initially I was actually just aiming to shoot the pretty girl inside.) Anyway, so is this stuff okay to sell inside the Great Wall? If so, we are one step closer to freedom of speech in China, baby! Next stop: porn!

Some background info on the store. The name Huo Chai Tian Tang aka “火柴天堂” translates to “Heaven of Matches”. It may be a reference to the classic Danish story “The Little Match Girl”. The store is located in Qi Bao aka “七宝” aka “Seven Treasures”, a thousand-year-old ancient town which is now a part of Shanghai. I have posted two more pictures from the same store here and there.  Enjoy!

I Don’t Have a Teenie Weenie!

Teenie Weenie

No, mom, I don’t want to have a teenie weenie!

I saw this store during my recent trip to Shanghai inside a high-end shopping mall.  Thought it was just way too funny not to share.  LOL!