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Learn and Keep on Living!

詩雅, 請再好好過日子!

I saw a random news report on a TV monitor in a bus during my vacation in Shanghai, China last couple of weeks.  I mean there are LCD screens everywhere in Shanghai these days.  Malls, restaurants, buses, taxis, elevators, even bathrooms!  Anyway I saw this really cute girl crying at a press conference on TV looking really really sad.  I had no idea who she was or where she came from or what she had done.  Anyways, that sad face stuck in my mind so I googled after I came back from my vakay and found her music videos on YouTube!  Here’s my favorite and here’s another good one.  (Remember there’s no Google, Youtube, WordPress, Facebook, and my dear new employer Twitter behind the Great Firewall!!  Argh!!)

Turns out she’s a young singer from Hong Kong namd Shiga Lin (連詩雅).  And what happened was somebody had leaked a few embarrassing photos she took with one of her ex-boyfriends when she was sixteen and madly in love.  In other words, she didn’t do anything wrong.  I mean who doesn’t have embarrassing photos!?!?  (Attention all my ex’es: don’t worry.  Yours are safe!!)  Now that she’s done her sentence but apparently committed no crime.  I’m gonna give her a plug on my ultra popular blog and my vast social network!  Here’s a list of her videos on YouTube and Youku.

Shiga, you now have a new fan in me!  You go girl!  Be true!  Be strong!  Be alright!