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Wake up, Yahoo! Mail

No HTTPS for Yahoo! Mail

Is this really 2011?!?!

I had been using Yahoo! Mail forever.  Okay, since June 1998 after yan@physics.ucla.edu died.  *QQ*  But don’t you agree that’s forever in Internet time!?  So how is it possible that after all these years (13 years and counting), the second largest web email service with more than 250 million users world wide still doesn’t offer full https support for its web clients?  That is absurd!  Yahoo!’s supposed to be the good guys.  Smart guys.  Ya-hoo-ooo!  What’s going on with that company, man?  Nobody I know that works in Yahoo! can give me a satisfactory answer, including those yahoo’s who work inside Y! Mail.

I mean I _know_ that the mail protocol is inherently unsafe and the only way to properly protect your correspondence is to encrypt.  I _KNOW_ that, Alice and Bob!  But I also know that having HTTPS full time was already standard in many many other web services like 10 years ago!  Gmail, hotmail, and for crying out loud, even facebook offers it.  You got beat by the Big Zuck!?  Really!?  And I also know that it takes 2 minutes to set up mod_ssl once you go through the incredibly complicated and arduously strenuous procedure to acquire a SSL certificate which takes a normal brain dead college student 10 minutes to do on Go Daddy.com, once you take your eyes off of Danica Patrick’s … hair.

So wake up, Yahoo! Mail.  In fact, wake up Yahoo!  What the hell is wrong with you!?