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It’s Good to be Back!

Golden Field of San Mateo

Recently I got a new job and that brought me back to San Mateo where I used to work from ’99 to ’05.  It’s a nice change of scenery since I had been working in San Francisco for the last five years.  It feels good to be able to drive again.  And it definitely feels good to have real lunch options again.  You know, there are only about four or five palatable lunch venues within walking distance in downtown San Fran.  Most of them you’ll have to deal with either the homeless guys or the pigeons, so…  Nothing wrong with that!

Coming back to San Mateo brought back a lot of memories for me…  I was able to meet up with a few old friends that I haven’t interacted with in real 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime for many years!  Poking your “friends” or writing on their walls on Facebook doesn’t count as real interaction, okay?  I’m sorry if you feel otherwise.  It’s good to connect physically in the same neighborhood!  And three different people had asked me about what happened to my “random thoughts” website where I used to blabber about trivialities like the meaning of life and how to find true love.  You know, I was blogging before blogging was called blogging and a few of my friends remembered reading my random thoughts.  Truth is I haven’t written anything since my server totaled when its hard disk crashed back in 2004.  I lost EVERYTHING and I just didn’t want to deal with it anymore.  Now I don’t know if I can do it again.  So I got the advice of my creative hero Moe and Moe recommended me to use WordPress.  Thanks Moe!  And so… here I am!

It’s good to be back!


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