You outta pocket yeah you outta pocket 👉💩💎

It’s Just Tofu, Dude!

Seriously, I love Basil Cha Cha in San Mateo.  They are a purely vegetarian Thai restaurant serving some of the most incredibly tasty and wonderfully healthy vegetarian dishes anywhere.  So I took my friend Deepa over there and we were like going over what to order.  For almost every dish, you can choose between veggie chicken (which is tofu), or veggie beef (which is also tofu), or tofu (which is well tofu), or veggie (which is you know veggie), or finally veggie shrimp (which is you guessed it tofu)!  But wait, why does veggie shrimp cost $1.00 extra?

I mean it’s not REAL shrimp.  A veggie shrimp is no more shrimp than a veggie chicken or a veggie duck because they are all tofu!  So why the heck is veggie shrimp $1.00 more like real shrimp?  I just don’t get it!  Is it because it’s so real that it costs just like shrimp?  LOL!


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